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Most of the titular 'random thoughts' on this journal are friendslocked. Sorry. But any fiction that I feel is ready for public consumption will be posted unlocked. If you friend me, I'll friend you back as long as I can tell how you found me! (Or you can leave an introductory comment.) Since 2009 I'm posting most non-personal entries publicly on my Dreamwidth journal so feel free to follow me there instead.

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Fanfic Introduction & Disclaimer
Original Fiction Introduction

Fanfiction Master List, updated 23/09/2011Collapse )

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Full index, sorted by fandom and with summaries (out of date). Older fanfic can be found under the fanfic tag or on fanfiction.net.

Alphabet drabble challenge
(Lifted from [personal profile] measured_words.)

Give me a fandom/character/pairing and a prompt for the letter of your choice and I'll write you a drabble! eg: L is for Love, Night Vale, Cecil/Carlos

B - B is for Bookmark - Read or Die the T.V. (filled)
C - C is for Control/Command, Star Trek, Uhura or Gaila (filled)
D - D is for Devotion, Hikaru no Go, Waya/Isumi (filled)
F - F is for Fire, MCU, Steve Rogers (filled)
R - R is for Reunion - Cecil/Carlos, Welcome to Night Vale (filled)
S - S is for Sunlight - Emelan (filled)
W - W is for Wishes - Maleficent, Diaval (filled)
Y - Sleepy Hollow, Abbie/Ichabod, Y is for Yarrow. (filled)

I've created a list of fandoms I can write that I am hoping to keep up to date. My original fiction is also fair game.

On Tumblr: http://flamebyrd.tumblr.com/post/91670384171/alphabet-drabble-challenge

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[Fanfic] Magic's Path (The Last Herald-Mage, Vanyel/Tylendel)
Title: Magic's Path (On Dreamwidth | On AO3)
Author: flamebyrd
Fandom: The Last Herald-Mage, by Mercedes Lackey
Wordcount: 21,574
Rating: Teen
Pairing(s): Vanyel/Tylendel

( Read on Dreamwidth | Read on Archive of Our Own )

[Fanfic] Five People who Broke Arthur's Heart (Inception, m/m, f/m, f/m/m)
Five People who Broke Arthur's Heart (1398 words) by faviconFlamebyrd
Fandom: Inception (2010)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Arthur/Eames (Inception), Arthur/Mal (Inception), Ariadne/Arthur (Inception), Ariadne/Arthur/Eames (Inception), Arthur/Original Character
Summary: As described on box.

(You may recognise this from a friendslocked post from last year. It hasn't changed much since then, I just wanted to get it out of my WiP folder.)

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[Original Fiction] Hoof and Feather
Title: Hoof and Feather
Wordcount: 11,415
Rating: Explicit
Pairing(s): M/M
Genre: Fantasy
Notes: I wrote this as part of NaNoWriMo 2008 and recently found it in my WiP folder. I decided the big problems with it are too difficult to fix, so I'm posting now just to get it off my hands.
Summary: Adirae hasn't seen Keman since they graduated from the collegium, and now they've been assigned on an away mission together. In other words, Gratuitous wingfic with bonus centaur.

( Adirae hated formal uniforms. )
Link goes to Dreamwidth.

[Original] Thieving Jackdaw and Other Stories (Case Story Big Bang)
Title: Thieving Jackdaw and Other Stories (for casestory)
Author: [personal profile] flamebyrd
Wordcount: 5042 + 5490 + 13761 = 24293
Rating: Teen
Pairing(s): M/M
Summary: In which our protagonist, a minor nobleman, meets a detective and tags along as he solves three cases: a theft, a missing will and a murder. Three mysteries in the style of the classic 1930s whodunnits.

Case 1: Thieving Jackdaw

Case 2: Where There's A Will

Case 3: The Poison Pen


I was lucky enough to get two pieces of art!

murf1307 had an idea of a making sexy photograph of Christopher, and I certainly wasn't complaining. :D
Art by murf1307

ruelynian decided to illustrate a scene from Case 3, and it came out just perfectly.
Murder is Afoot by ruelynian


kronprinsesse was my mixer. It is quite delightful, and nostalgic for me on many levels owing to having spent much of my teenage years in a jazz band.

Mix by kronprinsesse.

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NaNoWriMo posting poll!
Usually I post my NaNoWriMo project to vrondi as I go. But perhaps it's time for a change!

Poll #1638231 NaNoWriMo 2010

How should I post?

Daily posts (or as you go)
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Which journal should I post to?

flamebyrd DW/LJ, filtered
flamebyrd DW/LJ, locked
vrondi LJ, locked

If there's a filter, do you want to be on it?


I should include this character archetype:

[Fanfic] Flight of Fancy (Gokusen)
pocket dragon, dragonfic
Title: Flight of Fancy
Fandom: Gokusen
Characters: Shin, Kumiko
Wordcount: 740
Rating: G
Genre: humour, wingfic, crack
Notes: Remember ages and ages ago, I asked for wingfic prompts and velithya said "Gokusen"?
Summary: "So what you're telling me is that you spontaneously grew wings overnight?"

( "So what you're telling me is that you spontaneously grew wings overnight?" )
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I spent all day compiling thoughts on this movie and now I can't remember any of them.
Except...Collapse )

I see this icon getting a lot of use for the next few days. XD

(10:02pm Edit inside the cut.)

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Clues for the First Lines meme
grateful, Dragon smoochies
I've been crediting people if they get the title but not the artist, but not the other way around. To hurry this along a bit, these are the artists of the unguessed songs, in alphabetical order:

Billy Joel x1
The Cure x1
The Decemberists x1
Jack's Mannequin x1
The Lucksmiths x1
The Magnetic Fields x1
Manfred Mann's Earth Band x1
of Montreal x2
Rod Stewart x1
Paramore x1
Puffy [AmiYumi] x2
Simon & Garfunkel x2
Snow Patrol x1
Spinal Tap x1
Split Enz x1
This Is Ivy League x1

Meme is here.

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First lines meme!
Haven't done one of these in a while.

Step 1: Put your music player on shuffle.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 30 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.
Step 3: Strike through the songs when someone guesses both artist and track correctly.
Step 4: For those who are guessing -- looking the lyrics up on a search engine is CHEATING!
Step 5: If you like the game post your own.

1) This is the song of a kingfisher girl who sits by the side of the river of love nekokoban
2) Ay, ay, como muero por ti stuffphile
3) I write a thousand songs for you a day but I never run out of things to say
4) You opened up your door / I couldn't believe my luck tevriel
5) He was a most peculiar man
6) Stop wasting my time / You know what I want
7) I am just a poor boy though my story's seldom told [personal profile] arrghigiveup & rykaine
8) I would have given you all of my heart
9) Oh no, I just keep on falling (back to the same hole)
10) I'm sitting in a railway station / got a ticket for my destination tevriel
11) Chikagoro watashitachi wa ii kanji
12) The long and winding road / that leads to your door
13) Just when I thought I had to make it alone / you were right there by my side
14) If you search for tenderness it isn't hard to find
15) Billy Liar's got his hands in his pockets
16) A lovestruck Romeo sings the streets a serenade stuffphile & tevriel
17) Alone tonight / I'd rather be by your side
18) Blinded by the light / Revved up like a deuce
19) Disobey my own decisions / I deserve all your suspicion
20) I really love it here / Oh, you've thought of it all!
21) It's a still life water colour / Of a now late afternoon
22) I couldn't believe what I was seeing / Faces all screwed up like what I'd done elaran
23) When I met you I was just a kid / Hadn't built up my defenses
24) Dance with me my old friend once before we go
25) Every time I'm thinking bout the day coming 'round / Well I'll be strong
26) Early this morning before I got out of bed / Visions of Tokyo drifted into my head
27) I've been to cities that never close down velithya
28) Things are shaping up to be pretty odd tevriel
29) If you wanna wanna wanna be the highest on my list in my company [personal profile] elaran
30) What a performance tonight / Should I react or turn off the light? enigel

Some of these are absolute gimmes. After a while, I started skipping songs not in English or ones I've never heard before. If you get #29 you are awesome.

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Imaginary Beasts is out!
pocket dragon, dragonfic
Book #22: Oceans and Seas. I haven't read any yet, but I love the cover.

My story is the unimaginatively-titled Oceanside, a Kai and Makani (plus Arcady and Sebastien) story. It's likely to be the last in that verse, because since I created it I've come to realise there are some problems with the world it's set in; plus, a serious dearth of female characters. Time to move on!

I don't have any deadlines hanging over my head at the moment (aside from au_bingo, I suppose, but that's not until the end of the year) and it's very strange. Clearly I need to sign up for something new work on my WiPs.

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